Funny how the mind works. I love day-dreaming. And before XL, I used to do that a lot. And that is one of the reasons why I love biking alone with music in my ears; I let my mind go free when I drive alone – mind you, with complete awareness of the traffic and all, but my thoughts wander on their own.

But for the first time I have started day-dreaming at XL finally. Maybe its because I finally have nothing to do. But its’ amazing how specific the mind latches on to something. All I can dream about I what I did in the first few days at XL. Not second term, not second year. And it’s not a yearning or something of a kind. I just am kinda reliving those initial days.

And I don’t know why it feels like deja-vu. But I am loving it. 

What a wierdo!