Note: This post will be edited again and again to keep track of the ants and their weird but repetitive movements


Pre 20th : Lost track. Need to keep records. Hence this post.

Thursday 20th : Ants make a stopover on my desk in the night for a short duration

Friday 21st : Ants again show their face for around 15-20 mins during lunch time, but then disappear completely in the evening for days altogether!

Monday 24th : Ants appear on my desk around 2 a.m. in the night.

Wednesday 26th : Ants disappear from my desk around 10 p.m. 


Sunday 7th : Ants silently get onto my desk in the night while I’m sleeping. 


Tuesday 27th : Haven’t been updating this post about ant movements. The biggest ant movement is being recorded as I speak, proabably to an extent that might leave a permanent mark on my desk! Hmmm… What to do, I wonder?

To be updated…