Wonder how my schedule is changing every semester. In the first semester, it was all games. Games took 100% of my time, be it multiplayer or FPS. I remember finishing Call of Duty on Bugz’s system in one complete day; this on the 2nd day at XLRI. 😀 Dunno how I studied, but till date, that has been the best semester acad scores-wise!

Then came second semester, with it came the S I P. Not that I spent any extra effort on it, but that’s all I remember of that semester. And Varshney’s project. I guess I kinda fraxed in my subjects coz that’s when my CP took a nose dive 😛 And then there was MAXI Fair. Went around the city taking surveys for a mosquito repellent! And then brushed up my dramatical skills posing as a sailor who sells perfumed water with a ship that could fly.   

Third semester. Ahhh! Ensemble 08. Quest Adventura. Loved it. Lead organiser, scheduler, spoc person, whatever. Overall, I found out one true fact about myself- I loved organising events. And I was good at it. 🙂 2 fun filled days, with some excellent junta (luckily!) from 5 other B-schools, it was a sight for sore eyes. But we worked our ass off for it. No wonder we were the best rated event in Ensemble. Then came the legendary XL – IIMC meet. Boy, was I put to shame (in words) by some of my seemingly quiet and nice XL ki kudiyan; me, a product of NITC ragging and 4 years of hostel life! 😉 But it was fun. Who cares we lost. Who cares if some MBA site makes money by arbitly writing crap about it. We had fun, loads of it. 

Then came the CRP, and finally the goodbyes. With it the first wierd feelings that started poping up within one’self unknowingly acknowledging the fact that we were gonna miss them, even the ones that we didn’t like or hardly noticed. The campus became empty, and eerie at times. Crowds thinned at Bishuda’s and Dadu’s. The senior hostels became ghostlike with hardly a soul to be seen over there. Thankfully the summers saved us then.