Rain rain go away,

come again another day…

A nursery rhyme that got fixed in my mind all these years (technically speaking I still do remember Ba ba black sheep and a few more!) But then this rhyme pops into my mind every time it rains. Rain. Rain at XL. A sight to behold and mystify you and hold you mersmerised for hours. Surrounded by hills on one side, and a black smokey Tata Steel taking up the horizon on the opposite direction, it was bea uti ful! So much time I have spent on the terrace standing in the rain just looking around at the view. And that too when around me went people grumbling about the rain and all. I didn’t give a damn.

4th semester – if it is one aspect I loved about this semester, it was the rain. The subjects were pathetic. Not much of a Bhasad participatior, didn’t find that much enthu! And then BLAX happened. 4 trips in a span of less than 6 weeks. Rather than the places we went, it was the riding in the rain that I loved. That cold chilly feeling you get when you race at over 60, while the drops run into your face like stinging mosquitos butyou don’t mind it at all and accelerate more. Nothing beats a bike ride in the rain.

Come to 5th term, and the rains continue for a few more weeks. I remain hopeful, hoping against hope that by some El Nino effect it keeps on raining once in a while in this and next sem. When it does rain sparingly for a few minutes, I run off to the terrace to live through it, cherish the sight all around the campus. But I know these are the last few moments of rain at XL. But I hope on. Against hope.

But the rain does go away.