Back in those engineering days, we used to have a section of a class that used to be famous for their maska-maring (read: Buttering up with the profs to get on his good side for obvious reasons) And boy, did it work! Have heard and seen so many profs who used to clearly give better grades to such students. And in case such a student was not happy with her (on an average it used to be mostly her than him) marks, she would then run off to the prof’s desk; and with a few tears and babytalk “pleeeasse sirrrr“(s), Voila! You would see an sudden increase of the clas average!
But then I thought that used to happen in schools and engineering colleges… Imagine my surprise when I saw a part of it being re-enacted in class today πŸ˜€Β 
Scene – girl is sleeping in class (refer to previous post – wet nite reasons). No big deal, half the class sleeps in most mba classes πŸ˜‰
Prof catches her, calls her to the front. Within the seconds taken to come to the front, the girl almost has tears streaming down her face, with an expression that would suggest the death of someone really close to her, and states in a breaking-up voice “Sirr.r.r..rrr, I am not feeling well…”Β 
The prof then beckons her to take a seat, and voila again, with that fraction of time to return back to the seat, the girl’s face becomes all normal and sundry! πŸ˜€
Lol! XL rawks πŸ˜€
Note: This is only the academic aspect of the art of using one’s feminine skills (and gender) to one’s benefit. Mind you, this art is highly effective and hugely impactive in the professional front and the author seriously regrets the loss of being a guy πŸ˜€