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What a stupid question!
That is what the general reaction I get whenever I question any of my mumbaikar friends/batchmates if they own any bike.
Who would be idiotic enough to ride a bike in, leave alone own one!
But why indeed I ask. And what better way than by checking it out myself. 🙂
And thanks to an old friend (who is either smart enough or stupid enough to keep his pune-registered bike in Mumbai) I assign myself a beautiful 2004 150cc black model, a beauty covered in a thick layer of dust, with a broken side-indicator and a battery that’s completely charged out.
First stop – The mechanic. After a few hours of tinkering around, finally the bike’s all washed up and in running mode. A few kicks, and it purrs (ahem… make that roars… after all, we are talkin about a pulsar, the men’s bike! ;-)) to life.
I really can’t figure out what’s the fuss all about. My bike travel for the weekend was something of this sort
Thursday night : I pick up the bike from my friend’s house in Worli –> Andheri (E)
Friday : Powai –> Bandra –> Chowpatty –> CST –> Eastern Express Highway –> Thane, Ghorbandar Road –> Andheri (E)
Saturday : Andheri (E) –> Haji Ali –> Mumbai Central –> Eastern Express –> Powai –> Andheri (E)
Sunday : Andheri (E) –> NITIE –> Kandivili –> Santa Cruz –> Worli
And seriously, leaving apart the daily jam at Santa Cruz junction on the Western Express Highway, traffic is no big thing at Mumbai. Although, for a 4 wheeler it’s hell 🙂
And I got this bike for the entire month ahead!